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Healthy Habits Advanced Training Seminar Presents...
"COME AND SEE First Hand if Weightloss Program is a Good Fit for Your Practice
An Advanced Training Seminar to reach new levels in sales, service, and knowledge!
Watch This Video and Find Out Why Expanding Your Clinical Services Increases Cashflow...

Dr. Kimball Lundahl

Founder of Healthy Habits BD

Amanda Harding


Alexander Robinson

Digital Marketing Tech
Here's What Other Clinic Owners Say About Our Advanced Training...
"Healthy Habits Founder, Kimball Lundahl, has more experience in the weight loss business than anyone I know. He and his team care about what they does and what their clients do, both from an ethical standard and a performance standard. His business systems work, he has the marketing answers, and the weight loss program  is a proven system as well. What more could you ask for? "

-Mark DeEulio

Vanguard Management Systems   
"My patients are so much healthier now .
 They've enjoyed it. the additional
income has been very nice and we've
continued to grow the practice it was
very simple very easy very helpful".
Susan Bosler
Healthy Weight Loss Solutions
"This is a program you have to do. It's a
no-brainer. On top of that, you have the
other support. You have the backup, and
there's so many patients out there that
need weight loss".
Dr. James Briggs
MedCal Weight Loss
"What I learned was the was a full
turnkey type of system where they had
been doing these procedures  that i was interested in. They had done it for a number of years successfully and I didn't have to".
Dr. Gary Hieronimus
Scott Medical Health Center
"The training program was a lot easier. I
think I tried to make it more difficult  because I thought it was gonna be more difficult. But really my staff got on  line, got on the phone - they were trained that was that".
Dr. Dominic Stape
Southwest Center for Integrative Medicine
More Testimonials from Our Seminar Attendees
"I I feel like I've been reminded how much support we have and hope to make better use of it. really motivated to put what we learned to use".
-Sara - The Case Clinic
"I feel like I can now say I have all the support & contacts I need to get the program off the ground. It will give us a baseline to start implementing the programs in our business"
-Jaimee - Aligned Medical Group
"We have utilized your services to the best of our ability and feel like I have not trained my staff efficiently. I intend to utilize your services to make myself and team more efficient."
-Heather - Inspire Medical
What You'll Learn At This FREE Seminar!
Adding Weight Loss:
Why you should own a weight loss clinic...
Lower overhead and increase profits..
Why this business is so profitable...
How to implement long-term business stability...
Adding Lipo Laser:
Why it's a must to add to your weight loss business...
The benefits of Lipo Laser besides weight loss...
How it helps increase profits and reaches new audiences...
How it helps you meet client and patient demand...
Consulting and Sales:
Learn how to give an effective consultation...
How to turn your salesperson into and expert...
Package sales vs. A La Cart sales...
Health and Coaching:
Troubleshooting journals...
Health coach sales and program extenders...
Learn protocols...
Breaking plateaus...
Q & A for lifestyle and detox protocols...
Marketing Training:
Learn about web site development...
The benefits and urgency of multi-channel marketing...
Why Social Media Marketing reaches your ideal audience...
Why Technical and Local SEO make the biggest difference in your online presence...
Front Desk & Medical Assistant Training:
Go from 0% to 80% booking rate in record speed...
The importance of Lead Source Reports...
Find out what's so special about offering specials...
The importance of customer flow and how it impacts your cashflow...
Plus an in-depth Q & A session at the end of the last day with Dr. Lundahl himself!
About The Speakers
Dr. Kimball Lundahl
After graduating from Parker College of Chiropractic he used his education and experience to achieve personal optimal health. For more than 30 years now he's strived to pass that knowledge on to his patients and business development clients.

His first venture into helping practices and clinics expand to the next level was with his father, Dr. Gerald Lundahl, M.D. He saw an obvious need to combat and treat the growing crisis of obesity, and was able to build a thriving and successful practice that provided quality patient care. Through this experience, Dr. Lundahl learned that their is nothing more gratifying than helping prevent serious diseases and saving lives. 

For over 20 years, Dr. Kimball Lundahl has dedicated himself to helping other doctors achieve the same thing. He's developed a complete business system that has helped turn many practices into functional and financially sound businesses.
Amanda Harding, NCMA
Amanda became a medical assistant 10 years ago with the goal to use what she had learned to help people feel more comfortable when they come to the doctor’s office. When she graduated with her Associates degree, she worked for 2 years in dermatology and then started her journey at Healthy Habits. Joining Healthy Habits in 2013 was the perfect fit for Amanda as it allowed her to use her skills in helping people in all different aspects. She liked the idea of helping people change their lives and not just pushing “diets”. Amanda started out as the Medical Assistant 
supervisor and eventually became the clinic supervisor. 

After becoming the clinic supervisor Amanda went back to school to obtain her Bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration where she graduated Magna Cum Laude and is currently working on her Master’s degree in Healthcare Administration.  

Throughout her 6 ½ years at Healthy Habits, Amanda has enjoyed working with the patients and watching them change their lives and especially likes training other clinics to utilize the amazing programs Healthy Habits has to offer in their own clinics. She has traveled all over the United States training clinics and speaking at Healthy Habits Seminars.
Alexander Robinson, Digital Marketing Tech
With over 18 years of experience in SEO, Digital Marketing, and Web Site Development, Alexander has used his skills and knowledge to help several businesses across several industries accomplish their marketing goals. 

Alexander started his digital journey at the age of 21 while completing a simple college project that led to an amazing discovery... The power of SEO. He has since developed successful and impactful SEO and marketing strategies for businesses all over the globe.  As a seasoned Digital Marketing Tech, he's become an expert in Local SEO and marketing allowing him to help businesses establish strong online presence and reach their ideal audiences. 

Since joining the Healthy Habits family, Alexander has been able to boost patient leads, increase Healthy Habits Local SEO presence, and optimized their web site for faster performance, higher positions in search results, and increased likes and followers for their Social Media accounts. 
Watch this interview with Dr. Kimball Lundahl and former Shark Tank Star Kevin Harrington Discussing Healthy Habits Wellness Clinic
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